TAWNUA Speakar

I grew up in Iowa and brought my midwestern sensibilities to California. I had a passion to pursue knowledge and secure a position in an industry that would always offer something new and would continue to be interesting and challenging.

In 2000 I started as an office manager and decided to pursue licensure in Property and Casualty Insurance. I thrived on the responsibility of becoming an agent and offering the most up to date knowledge in an ever evolving field which enables me to offer my clients the best sevice possible.

Being a quick study, I blossomed and continued to work as an agent while pursuing more education. I worked in two different agencies soaking up all the knowledge I could and learned invaluably from my mentors. After several years I had a vision of expanding and having more input on business decisions. I purchased American Aim Insurance in June of 2007.

I have been proud to serve a broad spectrum of clientele in many markets of insurance. The business has continued to grow every year and it is exciting to see that I am now serving children of my original clients as well.