Ozwald Speakar (Ozzy to his friends, which is everybody) was born on February 3rd 2007 in Southern California.  He moved to Oakland when he was about 3 months old and founded a namesake in the form of an insurance agency.  

Ozwald can be found at the agency most days except when he is out running with his favorite group of like athletes.  When at work he can either be found lounging in his studio at the back of the office or greeting people with a wag.  Ozwald is very polite and never jumps on a lap without an invitation.  He does not bark, yip, or growl like some of his fellow Chihuahuas are known to do.

On weekends he enjoys making new friends walking Lake Merritt, hiking in the hills, or running the beach chasing birds.  Some of his other favorite hobbies are sniffing, eating, ignoring other dogs, or studying astro physics. He loves the San Francisco bay area because of the diversity of climate, culture, and geography.